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Sivan Gelb

Photos are superb.. thank you so much.

Sonia Abrahams

Michael - these are awesome. So special that they have made me cry!!

Thank you so so much.

Jo Magnus

Just showed the photos to Richard - he says they’re f*cking AMAZING! We love them so much 😍


Jon Caplan

Hi michael - the photos are incredible. Well done man.

I’ve got friends who will book you.

We look forward to the rest of the photos and video footage.



Adele Shirk

Hi Michael, thank you to you and Rosie for working so tirelessly and showing you such passion for what you do. It has been a pleasure working with you.

The photos are outstanding. We are all thrilled with the photographs so far. 

Thank you and look forward to seeing all the photographs in a few weeks time.  

I have had a look at the family and friends web link and the photos you and Rosy took on the day and night of the wedding are outstanding. Thank you both once again for a sterling job. 



Bianca and Daniel

Thank you for dropping round the photo album! 

We are so impressed with the album! The quality of the photo book is amazing.

Thank you again, we will definitely be recommending you! 

Thank you so much for sending all the photo’s so quickly!! We are so happy with them and have been watching them on a slide show for hours! 



Patti Adler

Hey hope all is well. Just wanted to say thank you for Thursday night!! Really really thank you!

Also we would love if you could make us another album pls :)

Michael was the photographer at our Barmitzvah. He was wonderful - really threw himself into the action, did some great individual/family shots and bottom line - produced some fantastic photos. We’d highly recommend him!


Deborah Field

Thank you so much for Thursday night. Wouldn’t be a Field simcha without you there x



Benji Field

Great tasters! 👏🏽

Love it. Thank you so much once again. No point having a fun simcha without you capturing the memories properly 👊🏼 🙏🏽

Have been looking at all the old photos too. Bit emosh as to where the time has gone!!

Said to debs we need an excuse for a party so we can have you round again! Xx


Dina Steingberg

Thank you! The Pictures look fantastic and we can’t wait to see the rest! 

Many thanks again for everything. The photos are great! Hope to see you again for our next event in a couple of years.


Marielle Quint

These are utterly fantastic -huge thanks.


Lisa Forrest

They are great Michael. You certainly captured some epic moments. The one on stage when Ben dropped the F bomb is perfection. 


Lara Jospehs

These look fab and bring back really wonderful memories! Thanks so much - you do amazing work and I’m very envious of your talent!!


Tamsin Tenenblat

Thank you SO much for your email and the pictures. I’m so sorry I haven’t responded sooner - we had kids off school last week with fever and just haven’t had a chance to catch up! Have had a brief look at the pictures and they are just amazing - can’t wait to sit down properly and have a good look through them all! Will be in touch!


Amy Caplan

Just downloaded the pics - AMAZING

Thank you so much for sending so quickly!

Can't wait to see the rest


Shira and Adam

Firstly, we can’t thank you enough for how amazing you and Rosy were on the day! You were such a calming presence and made us feel so relaxed.

 Secondly the photos are incredible!! We were so excited to see the night photos and they turned out amazing.

 Please also send over the final invoice!


Jo Wilson

Absolutely blown away!!!!! Just phenomenal. Thank you, thank you, thank you Can’t wait to see the rest!


Leigh-Ann Elias

Awesome photos!!! Many thanks for all the energy you bring to everything you do!


Simone Gershon

Thank you so much for yesterday- your patience and tolerance of our mad family is amazing!

We can’t wait to see the photos!

Looking forward to continuing to see you at many more parties in the future!


Gaby Dagul

Oh my gosh these are ridiculously good Michael!!

Seriously amazing. Reliving it all again. I missed so much that you caught. Just fab

Rosa and Dan

Hello! How are you? I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to message you, omg the taster photos are just absolutely stunning, I can’t believe how many incredible shots you got, all the detail is just perfect and you’ve captured the day so beautifully!

Deborah Blake

Wow!!!!! These are absolutely incredible, you have truly captured the moment. Thank you so much 


Dalia Rudolph

Thanks so much for the pictures! We were so excited to receive them 🙂. They are so beautiful and really capture our day beautifully. 

Louise Miller

I think you were brilliant…you have energy…x


Mike Zwick

Wanted to thank you - have seen the initial pics and they look amazing and really captured the simcha.


Thanks also for being so calm - I know getting our kids to do anything is liking herding cats sometimes but you managed to pull it off!

Michelle Sacker

Michael we absolutely love them! Thanks so much for so many lovely shots!! Now I just need to share some and put some in a book!!!


Sarah Barsam

Love the photos so much. We can see how much thought, work and love (as well as skill) you’ve put into them. Huge thanks.


Amanda Armes

The sample pictures are lovely, thank you!
Thank you so much for being with us last Friday. We’re really grateful


Shirit Aboody

Love the photos so much. We can see how much thought, work and love (as well as skill) you’ve put into them. Huge thanks. Can you send link when you have minute?

[Such great photos!! Thank u so much for sending so quickly!

[Thanks so so much for today!!! You were brilliant!!!  Can’t wait to see the pics xx Sending u the footy details. 🙌🏻😘🍸🤪🍭💃🏼


Emily Simon

These are great Michael!!!

Thank you - what a sweaty mess we all were!

Super job as always :)

I love these pictures- well done and thank you xx

These taster photos are absolutely superb!! Wow, what a treat, look forward to getting the rest. Can you make an album for us, how does it work?? Xx

Michael was so lovely having you at our simcha!! A certain irony when I think if you putting peanuts in the loo at my own Batmitzvah like 30 years ago!! You've got great energy and patience and such a delight to have around. Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing the photos!! Xx

This album is amazing!!! Of course 13 is not the most photogenic age..

However you’ve captured it beautifully and done it very artistically, thank you so much! I’m really very pleased with that. 


Elie Jesner

Great album!  Looks amazing!!  Thank you so much 👍👍

Amazing photos as always, thank you so much!!  

Great to have you with us, we knew we were in safe hands.  

Look forward to seeing more 

These are freaking awesome!  Louis is usually so unphotogenic but you have captured him amazingly.  And just so many wonderful shots of everyone, you really captured the energy and mood and smiles.  And the scooter shot was inspired!

Thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing the rest x


Penny Simmons

Sorry mad week and not had a chance to email to thank you for the photos - they look great! Thank you!


Thanks so much for your email and for sending over the photos - they are fabulous - you have really captured the mood and emotion of the weekend!

Thanks again for being so easy to work with

Debra Field

A massive thank you for all your hard work this weekend! You were everywhere on Saturday night you must have been so knackered by the end!

I wrote that about an hour before I received your insanely amazing pics!!!!! Both the Friday night and Saturday night pics are incredible. Thank you so so much! Looking forward to seeing the rest in a few weeks. Xxxx


Jessica and Jeremy Crane

I echo that Michael. Thank you so much for sending these through. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them. 

Hi Michael the taster photos you sent to Jess look absolute brilliant- I love the one with the kids under the table! Thanks for your time and patience yesterday and excited to see the rest!

Rebecca Welby


I just wanted to thank you so much for the photos they are honestly amazing g we are so happy!


Melanie Garson

Firstly, I am sorry to hear that you have to self-isolate and I hope that you and those close to you are safe and well.


These were such a lovely surprise to receive today and I appreciate you sending them through. They really brighten these challenging days.


We love these - they capture the spirit so beautifully and we all really enjoyed having you as part of our simcha. 

Sima Setti

I’m loving these photos!! They are amazing. I can’t wait to see more


Natalia and Elli

We had a wonderful experience using Michael Lee as our wedding photographer. He was adept at making us and our families feel comfortable in front of the camera (not always an easy feat, especially with young children!) and captured the craziest moments of a Jewish wedding with perfect skill. The photos of the dancing truly encapsulate the madness of simcha dancing and the schtick! Our couple photos also have the amazing quality of looking like candids -- if you want photos that are natural and fun, but still beautiful and classic, then we can't recommend Michael enough!

Dr Barsam

Michael Lee was excellent.

From the planning, on the day, actual photos and delivery.. he was perfect and faultless.

Michael was an absolute pleasure to have at our celebration, he was non-intrusive yet he added to the atmosphere in a fun and subtle way.

Michael's photos were so beautiful, he captured the mood and produced incredible photos.

Michael was organised, punctual and efficient.

Suzi Rose

Is there nothing Michael cant photograph! Our family photos were posed but fun and natural. Every detail of the room was artistically captured and there was not a facial expression or moment that was missed throughout the whole party itself. This is the second time we have used Michael and can’t thank him enough for helping us keep these amazing memories alive.

Miriam and Laz


Michael - thank you so much for the amazing photos from our special day. You were a joy to work with from start to finish, you made us feel comfortable on the day and we loved all your creative and fun shots. You were professional and communicative in the lead up to the wedding which put us at ease, and you’re clearly passionate about what you do. We really love how you captured the energy, excitement and colour of our wedding - we hope to look back at these photos for many happy years to come!

Natasha and Nick

From the first meeting Michael put as at ease, although he had just started out on his own he had lots of experience working with other photographers, and he clearly had his own creative flair and exciting ideas for what would make good shots. On the day Michael was full of enthusiasm, he made sure to always be in the right place at the right time and really managed to capture the atmosphere of the day. We are so pleased with everything Michael did for us, and we've got some amazing photos to look back on for years to come.


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